You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers!

Q: What benefits do customers receive?

Participating end users have access to a host of vendors and suppliers that offer deep discounts not otherwise available to the public. With this program you will help your base lower their overhead while keeping your brand top of mind for the value you deliver. There are no limits as to how often a user can enjoy any number of benefits while subscribed to the program.

Q: As an NBP client, what benefits can I expect as a result of this program?

You will receive a white labeled site reflecting your brand and showcasing those vendors from our vendor suite that you would like displayed along with the option for us to feature your very own vendors for upgrade opportunities. We provide all the technology and marketing. All we ask is that you approve the site and marketing, allow us to provide initial training to your and your team, and then send us a monthly file reflecting who among your base are participating.

Q: Tell me a success story.

In the for profit arena, many of our clients, in part as a result of adopting our program, have increased their earnings per share (EPS), have gone on to be acquired by another entity through a merger & acquisition (M&A), and have achieved an initial public offering (IPO) on the stock exchange. Tell me what you want your success story to be for your organization and let’s write it together.

Q: How can this program help my church?

We will provide a site as a vehicle to reach out to and touch your members to keep them engaged while keeping your name front and center. All you have to do is approve the results of our design efforts. This is a great solution to help your congregants save money so that they have greater engagement while keeping your name front and center. All you have to do is approve the results of our design efforts. This is a great solution to help your congregants save money so that they have more to financially offer the church. The earnings potential for your church can help you realize your fundraising goals. If you put on special events, use our benefits to reduce the cost of managing those events. Be sure to ask us about our recurring giving online solution, as well.

Q: How can this program help my Independent Sales Organization (ISO) and/or Acquirer?

NBP is engaged with some of the largest brands in the acquiring/payment processing space. We’d love the opportunity to share that same differentiation with you in the customized way that you like to do business. Replace margin compression and chasing pennies and basis points with real dollar income. Replace attrition with retention of your clients and use our program to attract new agents. Expand your brand to Value Beyond Processing (TM) with no additional resources. Use our seasoned resources to do all the heavy lifting while you watch us rapidly retire your revenue goals year over year.

Q: How can this program help my bank or credit union?

Banks and credit unions have the same margin compression concerns and concerns regarding delivering a true differentiator as the acquirers and processors that helped us launch what is now a proven model of success for our clients. Let us have a conversation with you about how we can help your account holders more than offset their costs of doing business with you by taking advantage of bottom line savings through our program.

Q: How can this program help my association or chamber?

Associations are great at bringing people with a common professional interest and/or geography together to create strength in numbers through the common voice. Associations are committed to delivering value to their membership and often have a handful of benefits for their members. We are able to supercharge your benefits offering with our multitude of vendors representing every major category of overhead for any type of business. If any of our vendors conflict with your current offering, we’re glad to suppress those vendors on the custom site we design for you. If you would like to add any of your vendors or special offerings, we’re delighted to showcase those for you. We keep your brand in a positive light in front of your membership. Members who actively take advantage of our offering are able to more than offset the cost of membership to your organization. What’s more, your organization is welcome to use these very same benefits to keep costs down. This is so very important in the non profit sector.

Q: What about other verticals?

Let’s talk. NBP is glad to explore new opportunities through new avenues. Let’s have a conversation about what you do, how many end users you have, and what you would like to accomplish. You may be very pleasantly surprised. We can have your site up in as little as two weeks.

Q: Is your program mobile friendly?

Our sites are configured to display intuitively for access through a mobile phone or small tablet. For opportunities of a significant size we can discuss committing resources to create a mobile app for your end users as well.

Q: What is Single Sign On and do you offer a solution for that?

Single Sign On refers to the ability to authenticate a user to access their account on a password protected web site and also access data from another password protected web site with a single login, rather than having to log in twice. If you have a web site for your end user that is password protected, and you have a significant opportunity, we are glad to discuss delivery of single sign on for your end users as a convenience which will also help further your brand.

Q: How does an end user unsubscribe from the program?

Participating end users can unsubscribe by selecting the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of the site page, then entering the requested information, then clicking “submit”.