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Posted on November 29th, 2016

Loyalty programs are everywhere. According to loyalty research firm Colloquy, the average U.S. household belongs to 29 loyalty programs, but is only active in 12. For small businesses looking to increase sales, loyalty programs can be an effective strategy. However, …

Posted on November 3rd, 2016

Recently, while using our UPS discount, we received much larger savings than what we advertise!

NBP needed to send a package to New York, and wanted to prove exactly how much of a difference our program would make. On UPS.com, …

Posted on October 4th, 2016

Most small businesses consider data breaches something that only impacts large multinational companies like Yahoo or Home Depot, but that’s no longer the case. Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small and mid-size businesses, finding it’s easier, faster, and more profitable …

Posted on September 8th, 2016

According to a study by Constant Contact, the two leading concerns among U.S. small business owners are finding new customers and retaining existing ones. Although obvious, it makes sense – a business simply can’t exist without customers. What’s the best …

Posted on August 29th, 2016

For both merchant acquirers and processors, revenue growth will continue to be a primary challenge over the next several years. Transaction driven sales growth has decelerated and now stands at an annual growth rate of about 8 percent per year …

Posted on August 23rd, 2016

We all know that businesses succeed or fail based upon the health of their revenues. All revenue streams are not equal. Actually, there are some more healthy than others. Often CEOs, CFOs and entrepreneurs do not check the health of …

Posted on August 18th, 2016

Atlanta, GA: National Benefit Programs, the leading merchant discount program in the payments industry, has added the nation’s first and only business identity theft protection service, iDefend Business, to its program.

After discovering that big name identity theft companies only …

Posted on July 14th, 2016

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•    Over $8 billion is lost or stolen from small businesses every year. (FBI)
•    In 84% of cases, money was stolen before the fraud was detected by the bank. (Ponemon Institute)
•    60% of businesses …

Posted on July 11th, 2016

Atlanta, GA: National Benefit Programs (NBP), the leading merchant discount program in the payments industry, has announced the expansion of its leadership team, with Sonny Wooten taking the new position of Vice President of Business Development.

In his new role, …

Posted on July 6th, 2016

Business identity theft is a growing problem. At NBP, we believe it’s our responsibility to help protect our clients and members. While our program already provides identity protection from the top names in the industry, they only protect individuals and

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