Loyalty programs are everywhere. According to loyalty research firm Colloquy, the average U.S. household belongs to 29 loyalty programs, but is only active in 12. For small businesses looking to increase sales, loyalty programs can be an effective strategy. However, standing out in a world full of loyalty programs is a challenge. For loyalty programs to work, they must be used. So how can a small business’ loyalty program compete with the big ones?

Our newest vendor klosebuy has the answer. Their program joins thousands of small businesses together to create one large, shared loyalty program – without any extra hardware or complicated integration required. Through the klosebuy app, small businesses can create digital promotions, advertisements, and coupons and deliver them directly to their customers and klosebuy members. Digital points can also be awarded to customers however the business chooses, and can be redeemed in klosebuy’s catalog of over 7,000 items. Businesses have complete freedom in creating advertisements, promotions, and how to use klosebuy points to benefit their business the most. Included analytics give businesses a detailed, easy to use customer database and the ability to track consumer engagement in real time, including ads and promotions that are clicked, saved, and shared on social media.

For consumer members, all that’s needed to discover thousands of businesses and their promotions is downloading the free klosebuy app. From there, they can view local businesses, see promotions and advertisements, and discover ways to earn klosebuy points. Points can be earned by signing up, visiting a business, celebrating birthdays, referring friends, and more!

For small businesses looking to create a loyalty program but worried about getting lost in the noise, klosebuy is the perfect solution.

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