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How It Works

It’s easy to provide small business clients with more value.

Our program creates a white-labeled, easy-to-use website where small businesses can access valuable discounts and benefits, along with any customized offerings you choose to add.

Your clients will benefit from discounts of 10-85% from over 60+ nationally recognized vendors, including:




By using the collective buying power of all our members, we’re able to negotiate major discounts from leading national providers that aren’t available to the public. Clients rely on you to access these savings – making you an invaluable part of their success. With NBP, your small business clients can:

  • Reduce expenses
  • Increase cash flow
  • Save money at work and home
  • Share savings with family, friends, and employees

You choose the price your clients pay to access the program, so you determine your profits. We’ll manage the program while you focus on growing your business.

NBP has simplified the implementation process, so your clients can start saving in no time.

The Process:

Once you have recognized the value that NBP can provide to your clients, and a contract is signed, the implementation process begins.

  1. First, you’ll need to make some basic decisions, including the name of your program, the logo and colors to be used, and what the dedicated URL will be.
  1. Working together, we’ll determine how you want to customize your white-labeled portal. You’ll decide which custom products or services you would like to include, whether the portal will be integrated with an existing website, and what information your client will use to access the benefits.
  1. Next, we begin the marketing and enrollment process. We’ll assist you in designing all client communications, including emails and fliers. With these, you’ll announce the program to your clients, inform them of enrollment and their free trial, and teach them how to access the program and how they can unsubscribe. You’ll also provide us with a list of clients to enroll, and we’ll add them to the program.
  1. The program is ready to launch, and your small business clients have all the tools they need to save money every day.

Get more information about how you can benefit from National Benefit Programs.

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